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Relaxation Zone

Complete relaxation


The Relaxation Zone is a unique saunarium with graduation towers, Finnish, "Zakopane" and infrared saunas, and the first tepidarium and caldarium in Podhale; all this combined with the harsh mountain climate in Zakopane allows guests to return to full physical wellness.

Tepidarium and caldarium

The temperature in the caldarium fluctuates around a pleasant 40°C, which means that it's less intense than in a traditional steam sauna, but just as relaxing and cleansing. While taking a break in the tepidarium with heated daybeds, you can enjoy the view of the Tatras.

Dry saunas

These saunas are great at cleansing the body of toxins, and regular visits improve immunity. The most classic, wooden Finnish sauna has low humidity and a temperature of 100°C. In the "Zakopane" sauna, the temperature is slightly lower and the humidity slightly higher.

Graduation tower

In a cosy, bright room, salt water trickles down blackthorn branches – the therapeutic effects of this have been known for centuries. Originally, graduation towers were used to obtain table salt, but today, they're natural inhalatoriums that help reduce respiratory ailments.

Steam bath

The billowing, hot steam will quickly relieve tension in the body. Just a few minutes is enough to cleanse the skin and soothe irritated airways.

Infrared sauna

This sauna is recommended especially for people who can't use traditional dry saunas. Thanks to infrared heaters, infrared sauna sessions can be longer, and they have a beneficial effect on fat burning and speed up metabolism.

SPA Kasprowy – comfort for everyone!

The Aqua Zone and Relaxation Zone are a pool and sauna complex where everyone can find a way to relax and regenerate. For safety reasons, please follow a few rules.

The Aqua Zone is a place for everyone, including young children; children under the age of 14 may only be in this zone under the supervision and responsibility of an adult. Children over 13 years of age may be in the Aqua Zone under the responsibility of their parents/guardians.

The Relaxation Zone has been divided into two sections to meet the desires of both those who like dry saunas and those who are just beginning their heated adventure.

In the TEXTILE zone (bathing suit must be worn), saunas may be used:
from 8am-10pm – Adults 
from 8am-3pm – Children 7+
from 5pm-10pm – Adults – quiet zone

TEXTILE-FREE zone (bathing suits are not permitted)  
from 8am-10pm – Adults

In the TEXTILE-FREE zone, you'll have access to a cotton pareo, which you can use to cover yourself.

  • All saunas have the rule of sitting and keeping your feet on your own towel.
  • Before entering the sauna, please remove footwear/slippers.  
  • Please shower before using the sauna.
  • After leaving the sauna, gradually cool yourself, starting from the feet, towards the heart, and finally cooling the head.
  • Do not use the sauna after a heavy meal or after drinking alcohol.
  • Do not use the sauna if you have damaged skin.
  • People with chronic illnesses are asked to consult their doctor.
  • The saunas are quiet zones.


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