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Icoone® Laser

Icoone® Laser


ICCONE® Laser is a breakthrough treatment for NON-INVASIVE simultaneous body contouring and skin firming.

Modern technology

ICOONE® Laser is an innovative combination of vacuum massage with LED light and laser. This is a revolutionary procedure for body contouring and fighting all signs of skin ageing.

How ICOONE® Laser works

The effects of ICOONE® Laser treatments are:
  • slimming the figure
  • fantastic skin firming
  • elimination of sagging skin
  • visible reduction of cellulite
  • elimination of local fat deposits (thighs, love handles, tummy)
  • buttock lifting
  • elimination of oedema
  • skin rejuvenation
  • remodelling of scars

The device is the latest generation, and its special massaging rollers have micro-perforations, allowing 1,180 stimuli to be sent to every dm2of skin and deeper tissues, WITHOUT stretching or damage. The result is a 3D massage of the area being treated.

Best results

Clinical trials carried out at prestigious universities have confirmed the extraordinary effectiveness of ICOONE® treatments, and show a huge advantage of the microstructural stimulation compared with other vacuum treatments using mechanical massage. It's a non-invasive method that gives amazing results even in the most-difficult cases.

ICOONE® Laser treatments

ICOONE® Laser is the only device on the market equipped with a diode laser head, which stimulates fat cells to disintegrate, and an LED light that encourages the production of collagen, which firms the skin.

The treatment is recommended for both women and men of all ages who want quick results in body modelling using a painless, safe method.

The best results are achieved by combining the ICOONE® treatment with physical activity, a balanced diet and proper hydration of the body.

ICOONE® Laser is also ideal for anyone before or after a surgical procedure, women after childbirth, those who exercise, live intensively, and anyone awaiting surgery; it'll regenerate the body and mind, and significantly improve the condition of the skin

Each body treatment consists of a BASE procedure that covers the whole body (20 minutes) and a FOCUS procedure targeted at individual parts of the body (one Focus treatment lasts 10 minutes).

Icoone technology also allows you to perform medical procedures:

  • eliminating acute and chronic pain conditions
  • preparing the body for physical exercise – SPEEDS MUSCLE REGENERATION AND MAXIMISES TRAINING RESULTS
  • in the field of biological regeneration – ACCELERATES TOXIN REMOVAL.

ICOONE® Laser – used in the best clinics around the world and at SPA & Wellness Kasprowy!

Body treatment (20 min) + 2 focus treatments 350 PLN 1650 PLN 3000 PLN
Body treatment (20 min) + 3 focus treatments 400 PLN 1800 PLN 3500 PLN
Body treatment (20 min) + 4 focus treatments 450 PLN 2100 PLN 4000 PLN
Face treatment (40 min) 250 PLN 1250 PLN 2250 PLN

*each additional focus treatment – PLN 50
Treatment gown – PLN 100.


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