We are eco-friendly!

Ecology is our tradition.

We've been caring for the environment at our hotel for many years, because a cleaner environment means a better life for all of us.
  • We care for clean air. The entire hotel is heated using geothermal energy. Hot geothermal water is also used in the outdoor pool in front of the hotel.
  • We save water – by using technology that optically increases water in taps, we've reduced water consumption by more than 15%.
  • We encourage you to reuse your towels – we donate half of the amount saved in this way to a programme that focuses on planting orchards with heirloom varieties of fruit trees.
  • We use cosmetics with environmental certification – we're completely sure that they're environmentally friendly and safe for your health.
  • We minimise the amount of waste – at breakfast, we avoid small portions in disposable packaging and beverages in small bottles.
  • We also save energy thanks to the energy-saving lighting used throughout the hotel. We save even more energy because the electricity in rooms is turned on using your keycard.
  • We respect local tradition by decorating our rooms using local design, handicraft and art made by local artists and craftsmen.
  • We segregate waste, and use a special crushing device to reduce its volume. We've also hired people to additionally control the entire segregation process. 
  • We recover heat from ventilation, which also allows us to reduce energy consumption.
  • We use biodegradable cleaning products and eco-friendly laundry detergents.
  • We upkeep the hotel's gardens naturally – a shepherd's flock of sheep helps us with this.
  • We promote public transport – there's a public transport bus stop in front of the hotel entrance. Buses run as per a fixed, easy-to-remember timetable. We also make sure that you can easily get to the attractions we offer in our packages by public transport.  

ECO in the kitchen

  • We promote a healthy and balanced diet based on high-quality products from local suppliers. We also minimise food waste.
  • We try to have as little food as possible left over by accurately monitoring actual demand and flexibly adapting to it, thus reducing the food left over from meals by up to 30%.
  • We use products from local suppliers, including vegetables, dairy, meat and cold cuts, and the trout we serve in our restaurants comes from organic farms.
  • We have a short supply chain for most of our products.
  • We prepare dishes based on natural ingredients, we use only real eggs, we make our own Greek yoghurt, and we bake our own cakes right at the hotel.
  • We don't offer fish species threatened with extinction or those whose populations are significantly dropping.
  • Our cuisine is based on organic products: we use free-range eggs, vegetable oils, products certified by the Rainforest Alliance, and our coffee is roasted especially for us and comes from sustainable crops.

ECO Zakopane certificate

The environmentally friendly activities of the Mercure Kasprowy Hotel have been recognised with the ECO Zakopane certificate. 
The ECO Zakopane certificate is the first regional quality certificate in Poland; it awards ground-breaking approaches to hospitality, the environment and innovation. It distinguishes a group of creative hoteliers who invest in the future, and understand the importance of environmental protection, education, improving skills and modern hotel management. These strict criteria mean that only 15 facilities in all of Zakopane have been awarded. We're proud to be in this prestigious group!

Planet 21 and Plant for the Planet programmes

We've participated in the Accor group Planet 21 programme and supported tree planting right from the very beginning.
Of the 21 tasks that every hotel in the Accor chain has undertaken to implement, the guidelines for sustainable development and environmental protection are the most important. These include using environmentally friendly products, decreasing water consumption by 15% and electricity consumption by 10%, as well as reducing food waste by 30%. We're happy that we meet all the assumptions of the Planet 21 programme.
We also support the Plant for the Planet programme. Half of the money we save on replacing hotel towels is donated to the AgriNatura foundation. In this way, together with the Accor group, we've planted 1.8 million trees in Transylvania and over 6,500 heirloom fruit trees in Polish orchards.



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